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Kavel 1: breeding ground, creative companies, leisure, creative hotel, café restaurant, catering

Urban Space Agency, together with MulderBlauw, Cepezed and Meurkens & Meurkens, has drawn up a creative plan for the selection for Kavel 1 in the Amstel Business Park South.

Developed: a home base for creatives, artists and lovers of adventurous city culture. A vibrant, tough, sustainable and future-oriented design with a broad, innovative and experimental program. This makes it a unique new destination location in Amsterdam. In this raw environment you work, have dinner and feel like an artist.

While this area doesn’t need another hotel, the team participated in this roster and devised an insane plan to turn this fringe into a permanent fringe.

The selection includes space for: hotel, incubator, creative companies, leisure and catering, a selection based on spatial quality, programme, hotel concept and sustainability.

The plan has just not been chosen as the best plan; apparently there is an even better plan, so this will be a really nice place for the city!

The team wishes the selected team the best of luck.

Pim Evers - Kavel 1 selectie

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