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High-rise lot 7 Overhoeks in Amsterdam “BrinkToren”

The municipality of Amsterdam has awarded the tender for the last high-rise plot at Overhoeks to the team consisting of Xior, DubbeLL, Mecanoo Architecten, Merosch, Dakdokters, Pim Evers, WeDriveSolar, Van Rossum en Nelissen Ingenieurs, with their entry “BrinkToren” (Brink Tower).

The BrinkToren is approximately 90 meters high and after completion will accommodate a large number of new residents in Overhoeks. This latest addition to the high-rise strip in Overhoeks will be a green, sustainable and bustling vertical neighborhood, with a great diversity of homes that will accommodate a varied group of people who will live, work, study, do business and relax there in a pleasant way. And all this in a green and healthy environment.

Living and Family Entertainment

The plan consists of approximately 400 homes, including over 100 social rental homes for Ymere, 30 care homes, a neighborhood room and over 250 medium-priced rental homes, which will be operated by Xior. The plan contributes to a solution for the acute shortage of quality and affordable housing for young professionals, starters, young couples, (international) students and researchers in Amsterdam.

The BrinkToren will have an attractive plinth, with, in addition to the entrances to all homes, various facilities (catering, local shops, flexible workplaces and a Van der Pekbowling) that will be partly operated by Pim Evers, initiator of Hannekes Boom, Aloha, Vergulden Eenhoorn, etc. Cannibale Royale and several other companies in Amsterdam.

Neighborhood development = the new connection between Van der Pekbuurt and Overhoeks.

The BrinkToren has been specially designed to allow as much interaction as possible between all residents from the different housing types in the tower and between the new residents and the existing residents from the surrounding neighbourhood. The various conversations with residents and entrepreneurs from the neighborhood made it clear that there was a need for a connection between these two different neighbourhoods. With various catering facilities, communal areas and meeting place, we ensure an inviting character for both neighbourhoods. This character is also enhanced by the green environment around the tower and the various terraces that the building has to offer.

Naturally, the discussions with the neighbors will be continued during the further development of this special place in the city.

Strong commitment to sustainability, greenery and water storage

In addition to all the attention for social quality and health of the future residents of the BrinkToren, the technical concept of this high-rise is also extremely sustainable. The combination of numerous PV cells on the various roofs, terraces and facades and the realization of extra sustainability facilities make the building energy neutral. In addition, the various terraces and roofs will be equipped with so-called Polder roofs, which will allow water storage to take place and the creation of green inner gardens and roof terraces. The collected rainwater is reused during the growing season for watering these roof gardens. Sustainable mobility is also stimulated by providing electric shared cars and bicycles.

Jury assessment

The project plan received the highest assessment from the jury for the spatial/architectural quality, the contribution to the composition of the Overhoeks skyline and the programmatic interpretation. The assessment committee was particularly pleased with the hinge function “between Overhoeks and the Van der Pekbuurt. From a greater distance, the tower has a clear silhouette of its own, but it also fits into the rhythm of the other towers. The jury is also pleased with the use of materials, since brick is a material that has not yet been used in the Strip”.

Co Stor, Director of Area Development Amsterdam-North: “As far as I’m concerned, the team at De Brinktoren really understood what this assignment is about; how do you connect people in this special place between Van der Pekbuurt and Overhoeks and how do you let that be felt in the building, the program and the architecture.”

Christian Teunissen, CEO Xior: “Given the scarcity in the market for starters, teaching staff, researchers and young couples in Amsterdam, we would like to invest for them in a sustainable way and for a long term in this special and fascinating place.”

Francine Houben / Arne Lijbers – Mecanoo: “What struck us is that there was a lack of integration between the Van der Pekbuurt and Overhoeks. The BrinkToren has a connecting quality, not only visually, but on every level, both inside and outside. The elegant BrinkToren provides a transition between these two neighborhoods by gradually phasing out from Overhoeks, using traditional materials and architecture that seamlessly match the small scale and romanticism of the Van der Pekbuurt. BrinkToren will become a real green tower, both because of the green greenery around that function as a communal neighborhood garden and because of the collective roof gardens for the residents.

Lars Mosman, Partner DubbeLL – neighborhood developers: “We have had many conversations with residents and entrepreneurs to understand what this place still needs in terms of program. This project fits exactly with what we mean by neighborhood development: project development with a strong focus on the neighbourhood.”

Status: Under development, expected to start construction 2022, completion 2025

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