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Arrival Place™

Arrival Place™

Latest news-update:

Unfortunately the project Arrival Place™ near Station Lelylaan did not continue; what had happenend?
Arrival Place has had several has had some setbacks during construction and therefore development took a little longer. The Municipality has been asked to cooperate in the form of a postponement of the collection of the land rent and the division of the contract into three parts: the train, the Finch Building and the South Building. Unfortunately, the Municipality has not cooperated with this. Urban Space Agency B.V. has unfortunately been forced to file for bankruptcy; Urban Space Agency will continue to exist as a brand.

During the bankruptcy, the Nieuw-West district spoke with the potential operators and at the end of July it decided not to do business with the potential operators; the district council wants the train removed from the site in front of Lelylaan Station. The district has also decided not to have the Finch building placed on the site… in short: the end of Arrival Place™…

Our opinion remains that with the necessary activation this site can become a beautiful place; this requires more than bricks and empty public space.

Come one! Come all. On Thursday the 29th of October our larger than life Train Set, a MAT 64 “Monkeyhead” from Netherlands Railway (NS) is coming to Arrival Place™ by road. The loading at the yard in Haarlem, and transport to and placement next to Station Lelylaan shall take most of the day. Come and enjoy this first exciting event at Arrival Place™.

Arrival Place™ foundations are being laid, services have been installed and we’re working hard towards the opening before the end of 2015. Construction at Arrival Place™ will accelerate after placing the train at the heart of our little village @ Station Lelylaan.

At station location Station Lelylaan in Amsterdam Nieuw West, Urban Space Agency is developing and building a place with a 1001 things to do, a true feast for the senses.  From vacant lot to a place where you are inspired through sent, colors, flavors and sounds: Arrival Place™.

Together with our neighbors, citizens at large, the students and staff of Calvijn College, Students and Staff of Team AcademyNetherlands Railway (NS), City of AmsterdamPS CityStichting RaguelHannekes Boom…sinds 1662, Placemaking PlusDWI, HeijmansTubinoFlowers by Joan Brenda, and a growing cast of thousands our dreams are being realized. Our small village in the big city is changing and growing every day

We are on our way to move from space to place: high time for Arrival Place!

“It is clearly of great importance to make plans 20 years in advance”, but also consider just as much or more to think about- and do things for the next 20 days; or beter still what are we doing tomorrow?!”

Dreams about Arrival Place™ @ Station Lelylaan (by: Urban Space Agency – from space to place):

Are you from the neighborhood?
Do you have anything special with this place?
Do you want to drop by?
Do you want to share your dream?
Do you want to build with us?
Do you want to support Arrival Place™ in any other fashion?
Contact us and you can build Arrival Place™ with us!

As far as we are concerned we develop, build, activate and program with you, your neighbors, entrepreneurs from the neighborhood, visitors, and the City of Amsterdam; let’s connect and unite.

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Urban Space Agency Arrival Place

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