Urban Space Agency

…from space to place!

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Urban Space Agency …from space to place! is a brand that takes an unusual approach to urban developments related to unused space; she stimulates and creates opportunities for small businesses in the city in a sustainable way and she operates the rental organization: placemaking!

Urban Space Agency helps you connect, activate and program in outdated and brand new shopping areas. By and for residents, entrepreneurs and visitors.

Urban Space Agency
postal address: Faradaystraat 1HS, 1098NM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Urban Space Agency was founded by:

Jan Duinkerken – agent one
in memoriam: our friend and colleague is unfortunately no longer here…
Has let his love and passion for areas, architecture and living culture flourish.
He had been head of management at the Hendrick de Keyser association; he owned Duinkerken Huuradministratie beheer en advies (Rental Administration Management and Advice). He was also chairman of Stichting Raguel (the Raguel Foundation).
We miss Jan enormously and are happy that he has been part of our team; a strong force that has worked out ideas together with us in an honest, straightforward, full of humor and love. We were able to take part in a beautiful farewell and often think of Jan.

Peter Groenendaal – agent oneUrban Space Agency BV - Linkedin
Is a connector and place maker pur sang.

Creator of “#Liveable to Lovable“.
He is founder of Placemaking Plus, now part of BF-AS +: Placemaking is about seeing, co-developing, and managing “meeting places” in public space. Such as squares, markets, (parts of) neighbourhoods, campuses, station areas, public buildings, etc. Central to placemaking is the “community”, the people who act together on a daily basis in public space: the residents, entrepreneurs and visitors of the area (The PDO). Every area has some infectious fools leading the way. They know the area and the people in the area like no other. We are the tools.
In addition, he has gained a lot of experience, including: Dappermarkt, the World Market Transformation Schalkwijk, 5 years UN Habitat / Future of Places, Co-founder of World Science Festival Amsterdam, Plein ’45-’45, Museumplein, Buikslotermeerplein, Banne Noord, Amsterdam, Zaanstad , Katowice Places (Poland), Placemaking, Hamburg, Barcelona.

Pim Evers – agent one Urban Space Agency BV - Linkedin
Is a versatile entrepreneur with a passion for hospitality, placemaking and water.

He has, among other things, set up the Cradle-to-Cradle restaurant Hannekes Boom…sinds 1662 with respect for nature, the place, history and local residents, as well as drink boat Hannekes Boot; he co-founded the cozy night café Bloemenbar, just like the sweet and cozy real Amsterdam neighbours: Disco Dolly and Cannibale Royale (and: Cannibale Royale Ruysdaelkade and  Cannibale Royale Lange Niezel and Cannibale Royale du Nord (NDSM) and  Cannibale Royale Rozengracht) and has been selected by the Municipality to make the Vergulden Eenhoorn National Monument a place for everyone again. He then opened Meneer Nieges at Westerdoksdijk and opened Oliva Amsterdam; a nightclub and restaurant on Rembrandtplein, which was praised by many just after opening. He then opened Café Nieuw Amsterdam, with wedding location het West-Indisch Huis, which is a wedding location and houses the caterer A matter of TASTE. Recently he opened Aloha bowling & restaurant. In addition, he has a consultancy firm Indysign Communicatieadvies Amsterdam and he stimulates recreational use of water with the Amsterdam Waterstad foundation and he conducts placemaking activities from the Urban Space Agency. He is also chairman of the Amsterdam branch of the Koninklijke Horeca Nederland trade association.

They make the transition from space to place together with you!